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Dave with Mike Coffey at the Ocean Mist, 16 May 20016



Dave has been performing throughout the RI/CT/MA region for over 20 years.  He has performed with the Dick Campo Big Band, the Coastline Swing Band, the Gary Sugal Band, Mike Lyons and the Bluemoon Orchestra and others. He currently performs with  Michael Dutra and the Strictly Sinatra Band. He has also been spotted doing a few classical gigs in Providence. 

 Dave's solo on Route 66  with the Blue Moon Orchestra 


Here is Dave at age 11 performing with his first teacher, Sammy Sherman. Taking trombone lessons from a trombonist is very important.  Today, Dave has several students ranging in age from 12 to 57 years old. 

"I am always trying to learn and understand things that will help to make me a better teacher. I listen carefully to my students so that I can help them improve."

 The Practice Room

How to breath through the mouth corners

Major Scale Workout 1


"I have been accused of being an equipment freak. I deny it" 


Dave's equipment

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