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Rick Simerly
Dave Gibson
Michel Legrand 
Legrand Jazz

With a bone section consisting of Jimmy Cleveland, Eddie Bert, Frank Rehak, and Bill Byers, along with Miles Davis, Bill Evans, John Coltrane, Herbie Mann, Art Farmer, etc., how can you go wrong. Some of the greatest bone playing  and arrangements I've heard in a long time.
Dan Morgenstern
Living With Jazz
Great book.  I couldn't put it down.  I was a big fan of Dan when he was the editor of Downbeat Magazine during the late 60ís and 70ís. It was great to have the chance to read a lot of what I missed and more.
Bert Stern
Jazz On a Summer's Day

Great opening featuring Bob Brookmeyer.  The performance by Anita O'Day is worth the price of this DVD alone.
Willie Wilson
The Forgotten Trombonist

Jack Jenny 
Jack would have been as famous as Tommy Dorsey and  Glenn Miller if his life hadn't been cut short. His Stardust solo is a classic.
Joe Bowie, brother of Lester Bowie. 
Something a little different.
Josh Roseman
Frequent contributor to the Online Trombone Journal Forum. Check out his site.
Albert Mangelsdorff
   amangelsdorff.JPG (18932 bytes)

Trombonist and Bandleader
born Sept 5 1928; 
died July 25 2005
Albert Mangelsdorff was one of the first jazz trombonist that I listened to.  I remember the night my uncle Sam and I listened to the album, Now, Jazz Ramwong, which I had just purchased from a bargain bin in 1968.  This album blew us away.  Sammy, who was not easily impressed said, "This guy knows how to play the trombone."  He wasn't kidding.  This is still one of my favorite jazz albums.  To find out more about this great trombonist, go to one of the links below. 

Sammy Sherman  (my uncle)
Daryl Sherman's tribute to her father

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