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My early years were spent studying with my uncle Sammy Sherman, a fine jazz trombonist. He emphasized the basics but more importantly he knew what it took to "get around the horn" and he showed us how to do it. He taught me doodle tonguing before there was a book on it. Sammy inspired us. Three of his four students became professional trombonists and three are still playing, over 40 years later. 

I am always learning new techniques to help me and my students.  I recently met with Sam Burtis in NYC so that he could help me to better understand his approach to practicing. 

Practicing correctly is essential to playing correctly.  Playing trombone is a very physical endeavor.  Posture, breathing, arm movement, tongue, timing, ears, lips and teeth all contribute to the equation. 

I like the teaching material written by Dr. Donald Reinhardt. His approach to embouchure development and overall playing technique is the most consistently correct of all the different approaches.  

I also use exercises that developed specifically to address issues that the student may encounter.  



I have been teaching trombone for several years. It started with just one student then it was two, then before I knew it I had six. My students range in age from 12 to 57 years old. Trombone playing is very physical. Tonguing, breathing, posture, slide technique are all physical parts of trombone playing that often get neglected. 

My students learn how to practice, what to practice and why they are practicing it.  I provide a structured practice approach balanced with mechanical and musical techniques.  My lessons are relaxed and attuned to the students needs and capabilities.   

Please contact me to discuss you individual needs. 

Dave can be reached at: dsherman772@hotmail.com