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Sammy Sherman Remembered

Sammy Sherman Remembered
by Dave Sherman

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Review of Sam Sherman album by jazz critic (from Los Angeles) Scott Yanow.....

Sammy Sherman, the father of the great singer Daryl Sherman, was a very talented swing trombonist.  His obscurity is due to him choosing to spend his life in Rhode Island where he raised a family, worked for the family restaurant business and played locally.  

He passed away at the age of 89 in 2003, but not before hearing the music that is on this CD, his only one as a leader.  With the exception of a solo trumpet feature by Roger Devuyst in 2004, the music dates from 1994-1998 and is mostly comprised of private recordings of Sherman performing at Chan's in Woonsocket, Rhode Island.  

The recording quality is fine and the playing, particularly by the trombonist (who was in his eighties), is generally brilliant.  Sammy Sherman had very impressive technique, the ability to hit surprising high notes, an original tone and a very fluent swing style.  

Among his sidemen are such notables as guitarist Howard Alden, cornetist/trombonist Dan Barrett, tenor-saxophonist Loren Schoenberg and cornetists Warren Vache and Dick Sudhalter.  Not to be overlooked is his daughter Daryl Sherman, who plays very effective piano throughout and takes two vocals including on a trombone-vocal/bongos duet on "All Of Me."  A special bonus is hearing Sammy Sherman play his first instrument, violin, on four swinging tracks.  

Although this release is a labor of love, the music succeeds on its own terms and serves as a heartwarming tribute to Sammy Sherman.


The Providence Journal
January 28, 1996
by Martha Smith

This is part of an interview from the Providence Journal.

I received this email in response to a picture that I posted on the On-line Trombone Journal Forum.  

I just saw this picture browsing around on the forum and was truly amazed. Reason being, I was at that show at Chan's to grab a copy of Sammy's CD as soon as possible!!! I took some lessons with your uncle towards the end. My father went to school with his son, so we knew him that way. I'm now a freshman at New England Conservatory studying with Andre Hayward, John McNeil, Jerry Bergonzi, Bob Brookmeyer soon. A lot of this is due to Mr. Sherman's influences on me. I only visited 3-4 times, but always stayed as long as possible with my father, playing, talking, hearing all kinds of stories. He always kept us laughing and was truly amazing in his playing even at that age. That night at Chan's was truly amazing, and all of the player's were so awesome! I had no clue for about an hour that I was sitting next to the bandleader of Artie Shaw's band! I'll always remember Mr. Sherman for his immense talents, wonderful personality, and generous, sharing nature. He kept no secrets, and passed on whatever he could to keep the music alive!
-Just thought I'd say hello!

p.s. - I now play with two counterweights on my horn a la Sam Sherman, and frequently utilize the two fingers over the mouthpiece technique. He made me into an experimenting trombonist! I haven't as yet, however, filed down my mouthpiece for added grip!

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