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My workshop is pretty unique. It is housed in a trailer next to the Atlantic Ocean in Matunuck Beach, RI. I have a repair shop and a small practice studio. I have been repairing trombones for several years. Repairing trombones isnít much different from a lot of what I did as a mechanical engineer in the valve industry for over 30 years. In 2007 I received specialized training in trombone repair at the NAPBIRT Trombone University program.

I have given new life to dozens of trombones. Some of the horns that I buy are in pieces or have pieces missing. New parts for some of these horns are no longer available so sometimes I buy horns just for the parts.   For instance, I have a trombone coming in that needs a new F attachment assembly and I happen to have one that will fit. 

I find used trombones on the internet. All of the used trombones that I sell have been evaluated, repaired and played by me. As a trombonist I love working on trombones. I get to know each instrument that I sell. I make sure that the tuning slides move properly and the handslide is the best that it can be. I have sold trombones to players all over the world. I recently shipped a Martin Committee to a jazz trombonist in France.

I have repaired many slides for local trombonists. They are happy to have someone within driving distance that does this type of work. Many music stores only work on student models and are not set up to work on professional model horns. 

Please contact me for an appointment if you would like me to repair your trombone.


email at dsherman772@hotmail.com    
cell phone: 401 741 3129